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At Startup Grind, we are honored to highlight this collection of Accelerate Startups that are making waves across their industries. Did you know? Over 99% of businesses are considered “small” — but these startups are by no means small-minded or lacking tenacity.

Our Accelerate Program is excited to showcase these profound entrepreneurial ventures and the rockstar teams behind them. Check out these 10 amazing startups working tirelessly to break barriers and push the boundaries of what a “small business” can do.

Eric is a Partner at Scale Venture Partners, where he focuses on investments in cloud infrastructure and security. Before Scale, Eric led early Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services product teams. At Google, he was a Product Manager in the Data Analytics and Machine Learning group. He led the team that launched Cloud Dataprep and key components of Cloud Dataflow.

Read on to learn more about Scale Venture Partners and Eric Anderson’s insights!

— What is Scale’s mission?

Scale is an early-stage venture capital firm. We typically lead Series A or Series B rounds after a company has signed their first customers and is ready…

Produced by The Startup Team

With the North America Startup Summit only six days away, it’s no surprise that we’re stirring with excitement to share the following preview of premiering startups. From AI-powered meeting assistants, online shopping technology, or helpful habit management tools, these Accelerate Startups are certainly setting new standards with their technologies.

Our Accelerate Program features a collection of select startups that are hungry to advance their industries. At Startup Grind, we are incredibly proud of the startups we work with and of course, increasingly excited about the vibrant global community we’re building together.

Read on to learn…

Produced by The Startup Team

There are few things more gratifying than being able to witness innovation in action. Here at Startup Grind, we pride ourselves on co-creating the future with startups that we believe in.

Our Accelerate Program is where we highlight the latest strides and accomplishments from the exciting startups in our Membership, as well as focus on how we can evolve and grow as a community. These 10 Accelerate Startups truly embody our mentality here at Startup Grind, aiming to excel in all facets of their work. …

Taking a loan out can be a daunting task. Janover Ventures is here to make it easier. Janover Ventures connects commercial property, multifamily, and business owners with the right lenders, taking the friction out of the process for borrowers and lenders alike, all while leveraging data and software to optimize the experience for all parties involved.

We recently had a chance to chat with Blake Janover, Founder and CEO of Janover Ventures, to learn more.

What’s your background?

I am the Founder & CEO of Janover Ventures. I have more than 15 years of experience in real estate capital markets…

What is more innovative than a box that can detect cancer cells?

BlueBox is the quintessential example of a startup blazing new paths to a brighter and healthier future.

Last month, Startup Grind & .TECH domains joined forces to host Pitch.Tech, a startup pitch competition that saw hundreds of applications come in from across the United States. Out of all of these applications, votes, and vetting rounds, BlueBox came out on top. …

Produced by The Startup Team

From business intelligence tools to the art of fine food and beverage, our Accelerate Startups are guaranteed to spark something in all of us. One of the many wonderful perks about a Startup Grind membership is the ability to connect with and learn from some of the ambitious minds behind the remarkable startups in our community.

Our Accelerate Program is designed to showcase a carefully curated collection of startups that are working tirelessly to reimagine the world around us. …

Supporting startups is our primary mission here at Startup Grind, so we feel pretty lucky to connect with and speak to founders working towards the same efforts. JUUBIX is one of these startups, working tirelessly to provide other startups access to financial and collaborative opportunities. We recently sat down to speak with Susan Falola, CEO and Founder of JUUBIX, to hear more about JUUBIX’s work, company hardships and successes, and where JUUBIX is headed.

What is JUUBIX?

JUUBIX is a Fintech SaaS, inclusive, unbiased digital infrastructure. Its collaborative financial tool functions like a jukebox, matching startups and social projects to…

Next month, 2500 startups will virtually gather together for Startup Grind’s inaugural Americas Startup Summit. This free half-day summit will be chock-full of educational sessions, workshops, and high-quality networking for our startup members.

As part of the Americas Summit, we are hand-picking less than 50 startups from our membership to take part in Accelerate. Accelerate startups will be exhibiting their startup via a virtual booth to the 2500 attendees, pitching to 100+ investors, receiving curated investor exposure, and will be featured on social media prior to and during the summit.

Itching to find out who made the Accelerate cut? Below…

Identity theft is becoming more common especially as the methods by which people are able to steal your identity are entering the digital realm. Passbase is looking to bring ID security into the 21st century using facial recognition, government databases, and more. Companies who face large risks when scaling their business will be able to rest easy knowing that their customers will be protected from identity theft as they grow. Take a few minutes to dive a bit deeper into Passbase, and the exciting new ground they are breaking by the day.

Founder Bio

Felix Gerlach is the co-founder and…

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