Identity theft is becoming more common especially as the methods by which people are able to steal your identity are entering the digital realm. Passbase is looking to bring ID security into the 21st century using facial recognition, government databases, and more. Companies who face large risks when scaling their business will be able to rest easy knowing that their customers will be protected from identity theft as they grow. Take a few minutes to dive a bit deeper into Passbase, and the exciting new ground they are breaking by the day.

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Felix Gerlach is the co-founder and…

Startup Grind’s 600+ Chapter Directors are an integral part of our mission at Startup Grind. Chapter Directors are on the ground in their respective locations, directly interacting with their communities daily. Directors help keep their chapters vibrant and lively, often by hosting their own events for just their local members. Through our Directors’ actions, communities around the world are positively affected by the influx of resources, connections, support, and enthusiasm about entrepreneurship.

We recently issued a challenge to our Directors to refer startups in their community to Startup Grind’s growing online membership platform which gives 4000 startups around the world…

Collectively, we’ve moved from the telegraph, to the telephone, to the handheld cell phone, in less than 200 years. Since its inception, telecommunications has been the backbone of business around the world. As business and technology advances, telecommunications and communication service providers need to advance with it. This is not without the support of a multitude of startups offering new solutions.

B-Yond is one of these startups, bringing modern-day solutions to communication service providers through artificial intelligence. We took some time to speak with B-Yond’s COO, Rikard Kjellberg, to ask him more about himself, his vision, and B-Yond.

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By Abigail Holt

Each year, Startup Grind highlights #SGWomen, an initiative we started 8-years ago to acknowledge the profound impact of our female contributors both within Startup Grind and beyond. From a statistical standpoint, the discontinuity between women and men working in tech is outstanding. Women-led tech companies have received a mere $1.9 billion in funding last year (about two percent). While this figure may seem like a substantial investment, it is quite minor compared to the $66.9 billion invested in companies with all-male founders.

Here at Startup Grind, we think it’s important to provide female founders and contributors the…

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When you break down all the unnecessary barriers to networks and resources, social impact founders and their philanthropic missions can thrive. Our team is honored to support and feature these startups at our upcoming Europe Conference this year. Is anyone else hearing One Day More in their heads? Just us? As we are teaming with anticipation, we’re excited to share our final list of 24 startups in 15 different industries that are part of our Accelerate Program for the Conference.

Congratulations to all founders and teams selected for our 2021 Accelerate Cohort. Are you into…

Each year as technology advances, problems that were once seen as unsolvable are now quaint reminders of the past. Communication can be done at lightning speed, software and apps of all kinds help us simplify our routines and optimize our efficiency.

One exciting development that continues to gain prominence is 3D printing. Already several companies and manufacturers around the world are using 3D printing as an integral part of their process. …

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What does it truly take to be part of the startup community?

It’s not always an easy question to answer. Entrepreneurs are by no means average or ordinary. Entrepreneurs are dreamers, innovators, and pioneers. They are those who see the problems that exist around them and ask: Does it have to be that way? It’s a mindset of courageous exploration which allows entrepreneurs to live on the edge of what is known — and what is yet to be discovered. …

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With the SG Europe Conference only a few weeks away, we at Startup Grind cannot wait to introduce you to 24 startups to look out for.

Take a moment to read about some of the most exciting young companies around the world that are bringing massive innovations and revolutionary technologies to their industries, changing the way we work out and learn, invest sustainably, think about our carbon footprint, and interact with each other and the world. We look forward to seeing you there.

As technology is swiftly making the world a smaller place, people are beginning to benefit tremendously from learning new languages. The power of doing so opens doors for opportunities and experiences that are truly life-changing. There’s quite a lot of benefit to be had from picking up a new language, but often the issue is the time that keeps would-be Spanish speakers from ever venturing too far beyond their first, “Hola.”

For this Startup Spotlight, we’ve got a very special company to introduce. Lingvist joined our membership program on August 17, 2020, and we could not be more excited to…

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Financial Technology, commonly abbreviated as Fintech, is an industry that had been gaining steam for many years leading up to the unprecedented changes of the Covid pandemic, which then made digital payments essential in order for businesses to survive. Fintech offers new kinds of financial services, opportunities, and flexible alternatives that are empowering wider, younger, and more diverse people around the world, giving them more tools to access financial independence than ever before.

These exciting changes have been powered in part by many Startups in our Membership Program who are playing important roles in bringing…

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