2023 Wrap-Up: Startup Success Stories

The Startup Grind Team
3 min readDec 5, 2023

As we close out another remarkable year at Startup Grind, it’s time to reflect on a few of the incredible milestones reached by startups within our community. We’re grateful to be a small part of their journeys so far and can’t wait to see what the future holds for these promising companies!

In 2023, ZIM Connections Limited witnessed an astonishing 903.9% growth in sales. This dynamic startup graced the stages of renowned global events, including MWC, DTW, InnovX, and VDS, earning accolades such as being selected among the top 50 and winning pitch competitions. Featured in prestigious publications like The Times, The Fast Mode, and Techacute, ZIM also successfully closed a crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs.

Their B2B channel is flourishing, with partnerships sealed with industry giants such as Aramco, Allianz, SBB Switzerland, and Trip.com. Collaborations with telecom partners like AT&T and Orange, alongside inclusion in the esteemed TM forum, mark ZIM’s exceptional journey in 2023.

Fluree’s success story is a testament to the power of connections within the startup ecosystem. Co-founder and CEO Brian Platz acknowledges the pivotal role Startup Grind played in their journey, leading to a significant 10M funding in April 2023. Having exhibited at our Global Conference in 2020 and 2022, Fluree is not just a success story but a cherished member of our startup community.

Feedcoyote, with its web and mobile apps, has leaped forward with the launch of its 3rd version. Boasting 10,000+ active users spanning 120+ countries, the startup is growing at an impressive rate of 180% MoM, welcoming over 1,000 new users weekly. As a Techstars portfolio company, Feedcoyote has secured victories in six startup pitch competitions in the past year, including Render Capital, 1st50k, 5 Across, Ideathon, Vogt Awards, and KY Inno Madness. Their global impact is undeniable, as they continue to redefine success in the tech space.

Readmio’s journey from its 2020 launch to raising 1M Euro investment in 2023 is nothing short of extraordinary. Having expanded internationally to Poland, Germany, Italy, and Spain, Readmio now boasts 10,000 paying subscribers. The company’s commitment to promoting family bonding through reading has resulted in over 4.2 million stories shared globally. Selected for the Scale to USA accelerator Rubik Garage, Readmio sets its sights on conquering the US market in 2024, doubling revenue year over year and aiming for profitability.

Otis AI showcased its mission to simplify marketing strategies at our conference and emerged victorious as the Startup of the Year at Global. Their dedication to making digital marketing accessible for small and medium businesses is just the beginning of their journey. With $2.5M raised already, Otis AI continues to scale, proving that simplicity and effectiveness can indeed coexist in the realm of digital marketing.

These accomplishments truly exemplify the spirit of collaboration that defines our startup community. Whether you’re a founder, investor, or aspiring entrepreneur, we hope in 2024 you’ll get involved in your local Startup Grind chapter and join us at our annual Global Conference in Silicon Valley.

Startups can apply here to exhibit at Global 2024 and become a part of the next wave of success stories.



The Startup Grind Team

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